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This is a short fiction blog. A collection of personal works. The name ‘message deleted’ is in reference to the final line of a story called Artemis. In the story, our character must let go of his past or risk his future. Luckily, he chooses the former, realizing that to let go is not to forget or dishonor, but to liberate.

So hold what you covet. Turn it over. Admire its delicate intricacies. Internalize its message. Then throw it away.

Welcome to ‘message deleted’

Gabriel Merithew

#1 New York Times Unpublished Writer


Gabriel Merithew is a Denver-based short fiction writer. As a world-class mistake maker, keen observer, and recovering introvert, he enjoys dissecting the triumphant tribulations of humans through writing. Given the title of ‘Wordsmith’ by his first grade teacher (thanks Mrs. McCallan), he has spent much of his life in search of the write words – making excessive puns along the way.

Gabriel has yet to become a product of the kind of maladjusted characters he likes to write, but it’s only a matter of time. Reveling in the outrageous fantastical, he eagerly creates within make believe, while attempting to keep one foot firmly on the ground at all times. Having been not nearly traumatized enough by way of a priviledged childhood and a loving family and friends, he is constantly on a mission to gain radical experience and perspective to elevate his relationships and in turn, his stories.