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This is a collection of short fiction, written under the influence of a certain kind of mania, or as we writers like to call it, *inspiration*. The purpose? The pursuit of awe in its many forms. A meaningless undertaking without someone to share it with. You are what has been missing from every word, so I’m glad you’re here.

And one last thing: The name ‘message deleted’ is in reference to the final line of one of these stories.

Welcome, and happy hunting. – Gabriel

Gabriel Merithew

#1 New York Times Unpublished Writer

Gabriel Merithew is a Denver-based short fiction writer. His work dissects the triumphant tribulations of humans through fiction. He has spent much of his life in search of the write words, ever since given the title of ‘Wordsmith’ by his middle school teacher.

Gabriel has yet to become a product of the kind of maladjusted characters he likes to write, but it’s only a matter of time. Reveling in the outrageous fantastical, he eagerly creates within make believe, while keeping one foot firmly on the ground at all times. Having been not nearly traumatized enough by way of a privileged childhood and a loving family, his mission is to collect unique and bizarre points of perspective in the form of experiences, to elevate his stories, and in turn, the impact on you as the reader.